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The Continuing Saga of A Very Short Ficlet

Once, on a slow Friday evening, Peter, Paul, Fred, Nancy and Roger gathered at their friend Geoff's Lake House. They had come to discuss the Very Deli Man, and his incredible lack of cheese. Missing from this conversation was their dear friend, the ever-present but somehow missing Beau Beau. Beau Beau was a fine person, and often changed his name to things like "Pail" and "Evlis." The others were often inspired by this--

Suddenly Aaron, Derrick, Richard and Thomas came in. This momentarily stopped the non-existant conversation in its tracks as everyone switched mental gears. Suddenly talk of a band known only as Naughty Cheri filled the room. Everyone was going to see them in concert. Poor Geoff felt left out, as he lived in The Land of the Livestock, and we all know no one good ever goes there.

It should be noted that sometime in the last two paragraphs Paul left the room and had not been seen since.

Sometime shortly thereafter, in the midst of a conversation revolving around the Genre-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, Fred had to disappear as well.

And now, back to the story. Where were we? Ah. Right.

--random changing of names, and it was almost a tradition amongst the group now. Their friend Ori had the best name however. It involved a very mysterious gentle comma.  However, Ori would not tell anyone the secret of the comma and everyone was very befuddled by it. (One interesting fact however, is that they can apparently be sent via flying prickly mammals.. Yes)

Peter soon got bored with discussing Deli related things, changed his name to Nygel Jacinto (because it sounded cool) and went in search of someone, or something to kill. He ran into Ribal shortly thereafter. If Nygel thought that this Ribal fellow was probably just extraneous matter, then he would be right. So he took his trust axe and smote Ribal with it.  And let me tell you, when Nygel ..erm..smotes, people stay smoten.

Back at the farm, it seemed that everyone had gotten tired of the Very Deli and had moved on to greener pastures. Nancy, for one, had given up on making secret languages and gone to bed; but not before she stole Paul’s super hero name. In turn, Paul (who was still ‘vanished’) stole her super hero name. Like the Legume known as Ori, they confused people left, right, and sideways. But that had been their devious plan all along…

As for Roger (mild mannered IT person by day, exotic dancer webmaster by night), he had gone off to lands unknown, in the wilds of that site known formerly known as Cyber PigMoles. (CM for short. Which is not to be confused with GM. They make cars and cars have nothing to do with this story. Nothing whatsoever.)

Nygel was pleased as punch after his slaughter of Ribal, and went out to celebrate.  He wandered into the Bar Of  F. Gilson and Sven Sven Hicks. This bar was as ancient as it's founders, and was well known throughout the world. In this bar Nygel encountered an old nemisis: The Mad Doctor Neville. As it goes with many mortal enemies finding themselves in ackward social situations, the two sat down and had a drink together. Copious amounts of time passed, until finally, in the way of Mad Doctors everywhere, Neville revealed his latest evil plan. He had built a large factory, just outside Pigmoles School for Veterniary Medicine, in which he created clones of the Demon Ribal. Nygel was floored when he heard of this dastardly plan and immediately bought a billboard announcing it.

Several days later, a group of evil trolls appeared. The fearless

What's in a name? Find out!