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Confused Yet?

Then here's a list of names for you.

Nancy  --  QW, the A. A. C.

Roger  --  AD

Peter(Nygel)  -- DA, It Of The Hexes

Fred  --  Kat

Paul  --  Nikki, Maker of Fine Dolls

Geoff  --  Libby

Beau Beau  --  Miffy

Aaron   --  Kame

Derrick   --   Senna

Richard  --  Rhi

Thomas  --  Andrew Estrada

Ori  --  Audley/Cicero, our Esteemed Prime Minister

Hal F. Leverett  --  Jex, Offical VH Bunny

Ribal --  Every Annoying Newbie Ever Known To Man

Maurizio W. Tavish  --  Dagrak

Mad Doctor Neville  --  As Himself

Sven Sven Hicks*  --  Sarig

F. Gilson  --  Rad McRad

Aurelius  --  Tamurile

Banjo  --   Ferretlass

Slade Pierson  --  Bryn

Wortle  --  Generic Troll Type

Gorman Burdett   --  BlueByrd, Head of Stroopwafel Distribution


Some of these names were picked for a reason, mostly because of what they mean. You can look them up  here.