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Libby's VH Pages

After much messing about on my old site, I've decided to make a second site expressly for VH related...well, stuff. At the moment all that's here is a random "Chat Ficlet" and DA's first comic. :) If you need somewhere to host a random webpage for something, you're more than welcome to put it here. I don't think I can remote link...But I've just switched page hosts, so I'm still playing around with everything! Let me know if something doesn't work! (contact info at the bottom of the page.)..... :)


Chat Ficlet, story thing. (Not complete.)
Chat Names

DA's Comic #1  
DA's Comic #2

Boxer puppies

Random puppy picture to take up some space....Piper is on the left, Maggie's on the right

AIM: Sometimeslibby or DanceHobbitDance